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WPF Printing

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This repository hosts a library to provide utilities for printing with WPF and demonstrates how to print UI elements.


Install the DotNetKit.Wpf.Printing package via NuGet.


See the Demo project in the repository for usage.

NOTE: Don't overlook App.xaml.


MainWindow contains a tab control. Each tab page represents a sample independently.


The HelloWorldSample is the simplest sample. It contains a simple previewer which displays page content and print button. When the button is clicked, a page is printed.

HelloWorldPage provides data for the printed page and HelloWorldPageControl defines the visual of the page. However, the page's content is actually defined by the first DataTemplate in App.xaml.

  • To print, the default printer of the computer is used.
  • This sample isn't designed in the MVVM architecture and doesn't dispose resources for simplicity.


The MultipageReportSample demonstrates how to print a grid with many rows by paginating it into multiple pages.

It contains more complex previewer to choose a printer and paper size and enable zooming.

An OrderFormPage is the ViewModel object to be printed and OrderFormPageControl defines its visual. To display orders, a DataGrid-like control PrintableDataGird is used because there's a problem to print WPF's DataGrid/ListView. Note that OrderFormPageControl implements IPrintableDataGridContainer, which is required by DataGridPrintablePaginator.

Usually the grid can't display 50 orders in an A4 size paper. To paginate it, you can use DataGridPrintablePaginator<_>'s Paginate method.

  • IPrinter is a wrapper of PrintQueue to avoid direct dependency to printers in the ViewModel layer.


This is an experiment.