Code and data related to analysis of object sketches at a semantic part-level
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The documentation below pertains to the approach presented in our ACMMM-2016 paper for analyzing part importance of category-epitomes, a novel visual representation for sketches developed by us.

Project Page :

You can access our ACMMM-2016 paper 'Analyzing structural characteristics of object category representations from their semantic-part distributions' here.

Our ACMMM-2015 paper which introduces category-epitome, 'Eye of the Dragon : Exploring discriminatively minimalist sketch-based abstractions for object categories' can be accessed here.


Please cite our paper in your publications if you use our dataset or if it helps your research.

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Instructions for running (MATLAB) code

To obtain the relative importance of semantic-parts in a given category, assuming a particular sketch stroke order, run the following MATLAB script:


Modify the above script by following the comments in the corresponding .m file (get_epitome_part_stats_driver.m)

To obtain a numerical characterization of semantic-part distribution histogram for a given sketch stroke ordering, run part_distribution_stats.m

Example :


Additional information and Datasets

annotated-final : This is the directory containing the final set of sketch part contour annotations for the 13 object categories-original

results : This directory contains the per-category histogram of relative part importances for different sketch stroke orderings

160-pp/annotated-images : This directory contains the guideline images used by annotators while annotating sketch part contours

160-pp/categories-original : This directory contains selected object category images from the TU-Berlin sketch database (

160-pp/categories-part-names : This directory contains part names for each category. It is for these parts that contour annotations are added on a per-object category basis.

Contact Ravi Kiran ( in case you have questions, comments or suggestions.