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Appearance Consensus Driven Self-Supervised Human Mesh Recovery

Code repository for the paper: Appearance Consensus Driven Self-Supervised Human Mesh Recovery
Jogendra N Kundu*, Mugalodi Rakesh*, Varun Jampani, Rahul M V, R. Venkatesh Babu

ECCV 2020
[paper] [project page]



Clone the repo or download it as a zip from the GitHub GUI.

git clone

We have tested the full pipeline on linux with python2, hence we suggest you create a python2 virtual environment and install the relevant pip packages as follows:

Linux Setup:

mkdir ./ss_h_mesh_venv
python -m virtualenv ./ss_h_mesh_venv
source ./ss_h_mesh_venv/bin/activate
pip install -U pip
pip install -r requirements.txt

Following external packages are required to realize the full pipeline:

  1. Install Dirt-renderer from the original repo here or from our fork here Instructions to install Dirt-renderer can be found on the respective repo pages.

  2. SMPL Model Download the neutral SMPL model from here and place it in the assets folder.

    cp <path_to_smplify>/code/models/basicModel_neutral_lbs_10_207_0_v1.0.0.pkl assets/neutral_smpl.pkl

Download pre-trained model weights from here, extract and place them in the weights folder. Check if the weights path matches the path in

tar -xvf <path_to_downloaded_file> -C ./weights/

Run demo code

Images should be properly cropped, where the person bounding box is image-centered & scaled to get a bbox size of roughly 180px-200px (along the longer bbox dimension). Also single unoccluded person with full body visible (not truncated) yields best overlays and coloured mesh.

There are 4 ways to run our inference code:

  1. Bounding box as a json file along with image, Bbox would be used internally to obtain a proper crop of the image.
    python --img_path <path_to_img> --bbox <path_to_bbox_json>
  2. OpenPose/CenterTrack detection json file along with image, J2D detections would be used to obtain a proper crop of image.
    python --img_path <path_to_img> --j2d_det <path_to_j2d_json>
  3. Direct single image inference, Note: Proper crop (as mentioned above) is assumed.
    python --img_path <path_to_img>
  4. Direct webcam inference, person is assumed to be at the center of the feed. All renderings are performed in real-time, including colored mesh and mesh overlays. Note: Although we provide video inference code, we highly recommend use of a person detector in order to feed proper cropped images to the network. Also note that our model is not trained on video data, hence it might exhibit flicking artifacts.
    python --webcam <cam_id>


If you find our work helpful in your research, please cite the following paper:

  Title          = {Appearance Consensus Driven Self-Supervised Human Mesh Recovery},
  Author         = {Kundu, Jogendra Nath and Rakesh, Mugalodi and Jampani, Varun and Venkatesh, Rahul M and Babu, R. Venkatesh},
  Booktitle      = {Proceedings of the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV)},
  Year           = {2020}


Code repository for the paper: Appearance Consensus Driven Self-Supervised Human Mesh Recovery








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