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RedMew Scenario

Getting Started

To use our scenario download it here and unzip it into %AppData%/factorio/scenarios/ (~/.factorio/scenarios for linux). If you are using our scenario for a public-facing multiplayer server, please be sure to provide attribution back here to the github and keep links to our discord/patreon/website intact.

Generating maps

There are 3 ways to generate maps using our scenario: Vanilla, FactorioMapConverter and Custom Maps.


Just start the scenario from the scenario menu and you are ready to go.

Custom Maps

We have many premade map modules that you can combine to create a unique map.

Checkout map_gen/data/map_previews to view all our modules. You can select and activate a module by removing the "--" infront of the module in the map_layout.lua file.

You can mix as many modules as you want, as long as they logically fit together.

Futher instructions on this read the comments in the map_layout.lua file.


You can generate your own maps from images. This works in 2 steps:

First convert the image file into a lua file (For example image_data.lua). Then use our scenario to loa the image_data.lua file and generate the map from it.

To achieve this please follow these steps:

  1. Download the Map Converter here (Windows only) to generate the image_data.lua.
  2. Place your image_data.lua file in the folder /map_gen/data/presets/
  3. Create new lua file (for example my_image.lua) inside the folder map_gen/presets/. This file is used to configure your map (scale, translaten etc.)
    To do this you can copy map_gen/presets/template.lua and replace line 8 to point to your image_data.lua
  4. Load your new preset by adding a new line to map_layout.lua. This should look similar to this:
    MAP_GEN = require "map_gen.presets.my_image.lua"
  5. Load the scenario from the scenario menu.