Create zero configuration standalone Haste.App web apps
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Create zero configuration web apps with Haste.App that don't require a web server.


cabal install /path/to/cloned/haste-standalone


Build your Haste.App application as usual, but replace runApp my_config with runStandaloneApp; compile with Haste and GHC to obtain your binary and JS.

Now run your binary with the --embed option, followed by the name of the JavaScript file produced by Haste and any accompanying static files:

$ ./my_app --embed my_app.js foo.html bar.jpg ...

If you're on Windows, this will fail spectacularly. If you're on Linux or OSX, your binary should now contain all the files you specified. To check that everything worked, use the --list-files option to list all embedded files:

$ ./my_app --list-files

Note the asterisk next to my_app.js. This indicates that my_app.js is considered to be the main app client program. This is important, since the main program will be served with host and port settings for Haste.App.

Now you can launch your web application simply by executing it. On start, it will print the host and port on which your application is served. For more information and configuration options, run any binary built with haste-standalone with the --help option.