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v7.0 is FINALLY OUT!

Please read more in this blog post!

Supporting LocalizationProvider

If you find this library useful, cup of coffee would be awesome! You can support further development of the library via Paypal.

What is the LocalizationProvider project?

LocalizationProvider project is Asp.Net Mvc web application localization provider on steriods.

Giving you main following features:

  • Database driven localization provider for Asp.Net Mvc applications projects
  • Easy resource registrations via code
  • Supports hierarchical resource organization (with help of child classes)
  • Administration UI for editors to change or add new translations for required languages

Upgrade to v7?

Please read more details in this blog post!

What was new in v6?

Please refer to this post to read more about new features in v6.

Source Code Repos

Whole package of libraries is split into multiple git repos (with submodule linkage in between). Below is list of all related repositories:

Getting Started (.NET)

Working with DbLocalizationProvider Package

Integrating with Optimizely

  • For more information about Optimizely integration - read here

Build Statuses

Main .NET Optimizely

More Info