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#Green UML release 4.6.0


Green is a LIVE round-tripping editor, meaning that it supports both software engineering and reverse engineering. You can use green to create a UML class diagram from code, or to generate code by drawing a class diagram.

The editor features a simple point-and-click interface. Right-clicking in the editor brings up a context-sensitive menu that includes features such as the refactoring and quick-fix functionality. Green supports exporting files to JPG, PNG and GIF formats, as well as saving them as Green UML projects, so that you can share you diagrams without any issues.

What's new in this version

  • This Green UML version works properly on Eclipse 4.6 Neon
  • Fixed all discovered bugs
  • All other plug-ins necessary for Green UML to work are now installed automatically with the plug-in
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Added logger and an option to write output to file (accesible in Preferences)


Eclipse 4.6 Neon


  • Open Eclipse, and navigate to Help > Install New Software...
  • Click on Add...
  • Fill the fields as following:
    Name: GreenUML
  • Click OK
  • Choose what features to install and follow further instructions

Users guide and additional information


If you want to contribute to this project, please create a fork of this and commit all of your changes there.

Please note that Green UML is effectively a collection of plug-ins (see the structure overview). Development of each plug-in is performed in a separate Eclipse project. There are also additional projects: an update site project GreenUpdateSite (used to create an Eclipse plug-in installation web site), and feature projects: GreenFeature, GreenRelationshipsFeature and GreenSVGSaveFeature (used to package groups of plug-ins together into installable and updatable units which are then uploaded to the update site).

Requirements to develop Green UML:

What can be improved:

  • Green UML is working only on Eclipse 4.6 Neon now, further development could target other Eclipse versions
  • Additional functionality


Please report bugs to GreenUML/issues on GitHub. Please note that we do not guarantee bug fixes or updates in the future.

License information

Origins, historical versions

  • Green UML was originally developed by Dr. Carl Alphonce, Colin Fike, Remo Fischione, Nicholas Wheeler and others from Computer Science and Engineering Department at University at Buffalo.
  • The original versions of Green UML can be obtained here, however, the last updates there date back to 2009 and Eclipse 3.5
  • Original web page:
  • The project is forked from this GitHub repository