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eSpeak Text-to-Speech for Espeakedit

This is just temporary eSpeak NG fork for espeakedit compilation!

espeakedit is a GUI frontend which allows one to prepare and compile phoneme data for the eSpeak NG speech synthesizer.

Ensure that versions of dictionary data produced by espeakedit and consumed by espeak/espeak-ng are compatible.

Note, that there is ongoing effort to develop modern version of EspeakNG Java Editor which is not ready jet, but contributors are welcome.

Build Dependencies

Solve dependencies for eSpeakNG

On Ubuntu 16.04 LTS "Xenial Xerus", it requires to install following additional packages

sudo apt install libportaudio2 sox libwxgtk3.0-dev portaudio19-dev

This binary is can compiled to use V19 of the PortAudio library. If you have V18 you will need to recompile espeakedit, after copying portaudio18.h to replace the original portaudio.h file in the src directory.


The espeak and espeakedit programs, along with the espeak voices, can be built via the standard autotools commands:

$ ./
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr
$ make -B


Look at:


To run espeakedit you ned symbolic link to espeak-data folder. E.g. espeak-data -> code/espeak-ng/espeak-data/

Directory phsource contains the master phonemes file phonemes, additional phoneme files for various languages, and all the sound files needed to compile the phoneme data into espeak-data/phondata, phontab, phonindex.