Java application to help decrypting Voynich manuscript
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Voynich Transliterator


This project's is for a Voynich Manuscript transliteration application. It is used to simplify and automate the transliteration process by quickly getting the transcription of the page and applying different table transliterations to text generated from user input or an online source. Users can create custom transliteration tables and apply their rules to the generated text, as well as use the provided default tables. The web source for getting transcribed pages is


  • Text transliteration
  • Custom transliteration tables
  • Load transcribed pages from a web source
    • Pick different transcription versions
    • Supported quires - from 1 and only "r" marked pages, to all (1-20) and both "r" and "v" marked pages
  • Simple user manual from Help button


Getting Started

  1. Ensure your computer supports Java runtime
  1. Download and save voynich-translator.jar
  2. Run application with command in the terminal from Downloads folder
java -jar voynich-translator.jar

For instructions on how to use this application please check project folder helpFiles, or run the application and click on button "Help"


  1. Set up necessary tools:
  1. Clone project
git clone
cd voynich-translator
  1. Build project for Eclipse:
mvn clean compile eclipse:eclipse
  1. Build executable *.jar file:
mvn assembly:single
  1. Run newly built jar file:
cd target
java -jar voynich-translator.jar


See the list of contributors who participated in this project.


Project is built with Maven

Application uses source text from


Source code of this project is licenced under LGPL 3.0 or later license.

Documentation and other materials are licenced under Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 license.