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! Completing this setup takes approximately 2 hours !

Mac Android Testing setup (Detailed guide from line 42)

  • Install Command line tools, Homebrew, Git
  • Install npm + nodejs + appium 1.7.x (Do not upgrade to 1.8)
  • Install Appium Desktop app 1.5! (Do not download the latest v1.6.1, due to running Appium 1.8)
  • Install text editor (example: atom)
  • Install Java and set JAVA_HOME
  • Install Android Studios, set ANDROID_HOME
  • Install Android SDK - Android 6, API level 23
  • Install Intellij IDEA + Configure java SDK
  • Create virtual device (Android Studio - Tools - AVD Manager - Android 6 API 23)
  • Install Maven
  • Clone Test repository
  • Launch appium 1.7
  • Launch test
APP="/Users/{user}/Documents/GitHub/NTD2018-appium/app/MyReaction.apk" mvn clean test

Windows Android Testing setup

set APP=C:\Users\*user_name*\Documents\GitHub\NTD2018-appium\app\MyReaction.
apk& mvn clean install

Detailed guide for Mac:

Install command line tool

xcode-select --install

Install brew:

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Install Git

brew doctor
brew update
brew install git

Install Node.js and npm with Homebrew


brew install node

Install Java

brew tap caskroom/versions
brew cask install java8

Install Appium

npm install -g appium@1.7.2

Install Appium Desktop app 1.5!

Install text editor (example: atom)

brew cask install atom

Install Intellij IDEA

brew cask install caskroom/cask/intellij-idea-ce

Configure java SDK

  • input the following to see the java_home location:


atom .profile To the .profile file add: export JAVA_HOME=/Library/Java/Home;

Check by typing:

$JAVA_HOME/bin/java -version

Install Android Studio

  • Install all tools & SDK's recommended by the Studio.
  • Open Android Studio SDK manager
  • Install Android 6.0 API level 23
  • Copy Android SDK location (for setting the ANDROID_HOME)


atom .profile

To the ".profile" file add:

  • export ANDROID_HOME=Android SDK location you got from Android studio SKD Manager tab (Smthing like this "/Users/name/Library/Android/sdk")

Create Virtual Android device

Tools - AVD Manager Create a virtual device API level 23

Install Maven


atom .profile

To the ".profile" file add:

  • export PATH=/opt/apache-maven-3.5.3/bin:$PATH;

Clone Test repository

git clone

Open project in IntelliJ

  • File open "NTD2018-appium" project

Navigation Tip:

  • To navigate shortcut: Command (⌘) + click
  • To navigate back - Navigate - Back

Time to check how it all works

  • Launch appium (Terminal "appium" or via Appium Desktop)
  • Launch Android Studio
  • Launch Virtual Android device
  • Launch test

Launch command:

Input correct path

APP="/Users/{user}/Documents/GitHub/NTD2018-appium/app/MyReaction.apk" mvn clean test

Inspecting Elements with Appium inspector (Appium Desktop app)

First launch, when App is not istalled:

Desired Capabilities

  • deviceName - text - Android Emulator
  • platformName - text - Android
  • app - filepatch - "app file path"
  • automationName - text - UiAutomator2
  • noReset - boolean - True

Launching when app is installed:

Add additional capability:

  • appWaitActivity - com.denyszaiats.myreactions.StartActivity

Error debubging:

Lock/Unlock issue:

  • Uninstall "Unlock" app could work. If path to app does not work - Add a path to HomePageTest
  • capabilities.setCapability("app", new File("/Users/ktriebstok/NTD2018-appium/app/MyReaction.apk").getAbsolutePath()); Optional Test launch command:
  • PLATFORM_NAME="android" APPIUM_VERSION="1.7.2" NAME="MyReaction" PLATFORM_VERSION="4.4" DEVICE="Android Emulator" APP="/Developing/Android/SignedApp/MyReaction.apk" mvn clean install