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A way to create an Arch Linux live medium with bcachefs support.

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You can find a maintained version over at:

Archlinux Live with Bcachefs

The scripts in this repo can be used to obtain an Arch Linux live/install/rescue ISO. This is realized through Archiso with some hacks to make it use the linux-bcachefs-git from the AUR.

The whole thing is currently in a works for me kind of state.


I recommend that you at least skim the scripts in this repo to understand what is happening, because they require root access. You can either build the iso directly on arch, or use docker to provide an arch environment.

  • The script will build the linux bcachefs kernel from the AUR and you set the architecture to build the kernel interactively, whenever the prompt comes up. I will add a variable to the script when I come around to it...
  • In the end, the ISO can be found under archlive/out
  • The live ISO will have the built bcachefs packages in the root directory.

On Arch Linux

  • make sure you have the following installed: archiso sudo git base-devel bash
  • run ./ and get a cup of whatever hot beverage you favor

Through Docker

I have not tested this yet. On other distros than arch.

  • make sure you have docker installed
  • run ./
    • This will create an ephemeral, privileged docker container to provide an arch environment and run ./

Installing Arch Linux on Bchachefs

Just boot the resulting ISO and follow the installation as usual. There are (at least) two (trivial) points to be considered however:

  1. After having formated your disk with bcachefs create you must mount it with mount -t bcachefs. In other words: You have to specify the fs type manually.
  2. When installing the base system with pacstrap, specify linux-bcachefs-git instead of linux.


A way to create an Arch Linux live medium with bcachefs support.






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