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A redbean ORM module for the Kohana 3 framework.
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RBK is an implementation of [redbean](, a fantastic ORM for php, for use with Kohana 3. This package is intended to be a module for Kohana.

# Installation

First, copy the redbean folder to the modules/ directory.

Second, modify config/redbean.php and change the dbname (located in connectstring), user, and pass to those of your database.

Third, modify bootstrap.php in the application folder and add the following under the modules section:

`'redbean' => MODPATH.'redbean', // Redbean ORM`

That's it! Now you can call redbean from any controller.

# Notes

The version of redbean included is 2.0. To utilize another version simply replace the rb.php file located in redbean/vendor.
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