All theme Options get rendered as a letter "A" #289

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skip405 commented Mar 25, 2014

Hi Derek

I have something very strange going on here :) After two or three months of working all the theme options miraculously changed to a single letter "a".

You can see it online (mind, it's Cyrillic):

Whenever you see "a" or a Warning ("a" is obviously not an array for foreach) - that's a theme option.

I don't have much info as to "when" or "after what". Here I go with some info that I've got.

I am using it as part of a theme, not a plugin.
It is happening only on front-end. The back-end is good:
I have just updated it to the latest version (from version 2.1 or something similar, not from version 1.x) with no change so far.
I have looked into the database, into the custom-prefix_options table and there in the option_tree I don't see any missing info (at least afaik, everything looks normal)
I have pressed Save Changes several times after upgrading.
It is happening even if the option is not set. E.g. I have a default value present in my template (in case the option is not filled in) - and the "a" is shown instead of the default value - although it is not even on back-end to be filled yet )

What I haven't tried is changing the value of a particular option and resaving it.

What's bothering me is that it had been good for at least two months after the launch... Only Wordpress probably self-updated from version 3.8 to 3.8.1, but again, I'm still doubtful.

Hope you know what it is.


skip405 commented Mar 26, 2014

I've got some more details.

When I var_dump get_option( 'option_tree' ); on another project I get an array of values, whereas on this particular project I've got a long string... This string is the one stored in the option_tree row in the database. So probably it's not a problem with your plugin, but a Wordpress glitch...

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skip405 commented Mar 26, 2014

I keep digging around :)

When I check the string returned from get_option( 'option_tree' ); via is_serialized function it returns false.

skip405 commented Mar 26, 2014

I tried to force the unserialization and altered your function like so: $options = @unserialize( get_option( 'option_tree' ) ); - it got better :) At least all the options came back. The only thing that's left now are meta boxes (I use your plugin here too)

skip405 commented Mar 26, 2014

After some more digging I noticed that "Contact Form 7" plugin's error messages were also changed to "A"s... so it looks like it's a Wordpress serialization problem. I'm at a loss. I tried reinstalling it anew with no effect... I guess I'll start a topic at forum too

skip405 commented Apr 16, 2014

As it probably was due to a glitch in WP, I close this issue. I managed to solve it only by reverting the project with the help of the hosting company to the version that was several months ago. I also switched the autoupdate off. So far so good.

skip405 closed this Apr 16, 2014

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