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FADD (Fully Automated Docker Deployments)

F.A.D.D is a bunch of shell scripts that provide a easy way to deploy application stacks (based on Docker-Compose) secured over a multi-domain TLS reverse-proxy (Nginx) with Let's Encrypt auto-generation and virtual hosts auto-deployment.

Features :

  • Nginx TLS Reverse-proxy
  • Auto Let's Encrypt support
  • SNI Multi-Domain support
  • Multi-image deployment (Wordpress, LEMP, Ghost, Drupal ...)
  • Automated script for launch a deployment

Scripts :

Easily install Docker and all requirements :

cd /opt
git clone
cd /opt/FADD ; vim config.json # Configure FADD

There are some shell scripts to manage your Docker Host :

  • - Deploy an app stack and his Nginx TLS vhost.
  • - Deploy a Nginx TLS vhost to proxify a specified port.
  • - Delete datas, certs & config of the app stack.
  • - Renew all TLS certs presents on the host.

Simple JSON configuration file :

	"faddPath": "/opt/FADD", # Where FADD was cloned
	"installPath": "/srv", # Where you want to manage your stacks
	"logsPath": "/var/log/fadd", # Where we put the logs
	"pubIP": "", # Your server public IP
	"distrib": "jessie", # Your distribution (jessie,trusty,xenial)
	"acmeDomain": "", # A dedicated domain name pointed on your server
	"acmePath": "/srv/certs/challenges", # Where you want to put .well_knows challenge (TLS)
	"adminMail": "" # Your E-mail (for certs generation)

Examples :

  • Deploy All-in-one Wordpress : --image=wordpress --expose=8101

  • Run a docker service an expose his port :

docker run --name nginx -d -p 8080:80 nginx:latest --proto=http --ip= --port=8080

Requirements :

  • Ubuntu (14.04 / 16.04) / Debian 8
  • Python 2.7
  • Docker 1.x
  • Docker-compose
  • curl, openssl, jq, wget, netstat ...

Hub :

  • Wordpress (Nginx/PHP7/MariaDB)
  • Joomla (Nginx/PHP7/MariaDB)
  • Drupal 8 (Nginx/PHP7/SQLite)
  • LEMP (Nginx/PHP7/MariaDB)
  • Ghost (Nginx/Ghost)
  • Wekan (Nginx,Wekan)
  • Piwik (Nginx,Piwik,MySQL)

Demo :



Fully Automated Docker Deployments.




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