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Ganeti with Xen and Saltstack

This Ganeti configuration provide virtual machines on Debian 8 or Ubuntu 14.04 using debootstrap.

You can easily create or clone VMs using script.

alt tag

Virtual Machines configurations

  • Own /boot virtual drive
  • Own kernel
  • LVM configuration based
  • SWAP partition
  • Somes pkgs like vim, htop, screen, git ...

System requirement

  • Debian 8 with Xen 4.4, Ganeti v2.12.4, DRBD 8.4.0
  • Volume Group "vgganeti"
  • At least 2 nodes
  • The "os" folder in /usr/share/ganeti/
  • The "instance-debootstrap" in /etc/ganeti/
  • Folders /srv/ganeti/ must exist

Automated creation and cloning script V0.1 - Create or Clone Virtual Machines

A script to create and clone virtual machines quite simply !

alt tag v0.1 - Create or Clone Virtual Machines
Author: Valentin OUVRARD
Usage: --name <NAME> --disk <DISK> --ram <RAM> 

### Options:

	--name    <VM_NAME>		New virtual machine hostname
	--disk    <DISK>		Disk size in gigabytes (G|g)
	--ram 	  <RAM>			Memory size in gigabytes (G|g)
	--vcpu    <VCPU>		Virtual CPU number
	--nodes   <NODES>		First node and second node(1st:2nd) 
	--clone   <CLONE>		Name of a VM to clone
	--variant <OS>			Choose between trusty and jessie (by default)
	--no-confirm			Disable VM creation confirmation

### Networking options:

	--ipv4 	  <IPV4>		Virtual machine IPV4 Address 
	--gw      <GW>			Virtual machine IPV4 Gateway
	--netmask <MASK>		Virtual machine IPV4 Netmask (CIDR)
	--ipv6 	  <IPV6>		Virtual machine IPV6 Address 
	--vlan 	  <VLAN>		Specify a VLAN for eth0 (none by default) 

### Advanced Disk options:	(in gigabytes)

	--root    <ROOT>		Give the / partition size
	--boot    <BOOT>		Give the /boot partition size (in megabytes)
	--swap	  <SWAP>		Give the SWAP partition size
	--tmp	  <TMP>			Give the /tmp partition size (in megabytes)
	--usr	  <USR>			Give the /usr partition size
	--var  	  <VAR>			Give the /var partition size
	--vlog 	  <VARLOG>		Give the /var/log partition size
	--plain				Create the VM with plain disk (no drbd)

### Examples:

	./ --name vm1 --disk 15G --ram 2G
	./ --name vm2 --disk 15G --ram 2G --var 4G --ipv4




Ganeti Cluster configuration for Xen using Saltstack




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