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HackerNews clone built with Vue 2.0 + vue-router + vuex, with server-side rendering.

Live Demo


Note: in practice, it is unnecessary to code-split for an app of this size (where each async chunk is only a few kilobytes), nor is it optimal to extract an extra CSS file (which is only 1kb) -- they are used simply because this is a demo app showcasing all the supported features. In real apps, you should always measure and optimize based on your actual app constraints.

  • Server Side Rendering
    • Vue + vue-router + vuex working together
    • Server-side data pre-fetching
    • Client-side state & DOM hydration
    • Automatically inlines CSS used by rendered components only
    • Preload / prefetch resource hints
    • Route-level code splitting
  • Progressive Web App
    • App manifest
    • Service worker
    • 100/100 Lighthouse score
  • Single-file Vue Components
    • Hot-reload in development
    • CSS extraction for production
  • Animation
    • Effects when switching route views
    • Real-time list updates with FLIP Animation

Architecture Overview

screen shot 2016-08-11 at 6 06 57 pm

A detailed Vue SSR guide can be found here.

Build Setup

Requires Node.js 7+

# install dependencies
npm install # or yarn

# serve in dev mode, with hot reload at localhost:8080
npm run dev

# build for production
npm run build

# serve in production mode
npm start



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