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LTEX Extension for VS Code: Grammar/Spell Checker Using LanguageTool with Support for LATEX, Markdown, and Others

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LTEX provides offline grammar checking of various markup languages in Visual Studio Code using LanguageTool (LT). LTEX currently supports BibTEX, ConTEXt, LATEX, Markdown, Org, reStructuredText, R Sweave, and XHTML documents. In addition, LTEX can check comments in many popular programming languages (optional, opt-in).

The difference to regular spell checkers is that LTEX not only detects spelling errors, but also many grammar and stylistic errors such as:

  • This is an mistake.
  • The bananas is tasty.
  • We look forward to welcome you.
  • Are human beings any different than animals?

A classic use case of LTEX is checking scientific LATEX papers, but why not check your next blog post, book chapter, or long e-mail before you send it to someone else?

Find more information and documentation about LTEX on the official website.

LTEX is a successor (since it's a fork) of the abandoned LanguageTool for Visual Studio Code extension by Adam Voss.


Grammar/Spell Checker for VS Code with LanguageTool and LaTeX Support

  • Supported markup languages: BibTEX, ConTEXt, LATEX, Markdown, Org, reStructuredText, R Sweave, XHTML
  • Comment checking in many popular programming languages (optional, opt-in)
  • Comes with everything included, no need to install Java or LanguageTool
  • Offline checking: Does not upload anything to the internet
  • Supports over 20 languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Chinese, Russian, etc.
  • Issue highlighting with hover description
  • Replacement suggestions via quick fixes
  • User dictionaries
  • Multilingual support with babel commands or magic comments
  • Possibility to use external LanguageTool servers
  • Extensive documentation


  • 64-bit Linux, Mac, or Windows operating system
  • VS Code 1.52.0 or newer
  • Optional:
    • If you want to check documents written in a markup language that VS Code does not support out-of-the-box (e.g., LATEX), install an extension that provides support for that language (e.g., LaTeX Workshop Extension for VS Code) in addition to this extension.

How to Use

  1. Install the requirements listed above
  2. Install this extension (see download options)
  3. Reload the VS Code window if necessary
  4. Open a LATEX or a Markdown document, or open a new file and change the language mode to LaTeX or Markdown (open the Command Palette and select Change Language Mode)
  5. Wait until ltex-ls has been found; if necessary, LTEX downloads it for you. Alternatively, you can choose offline installation.
  6. Grammar/spelling errors will be displayed! (if there are any)

Information & Documentation