Convert callbacks to promises.
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es6-denodeify npm version

Convert callbacks to promises.


There's already a lot of modules in npm registry to convert callbacks to promises. Why another?

All the modules I found for this purpuse were either depending on some specific promise implementation, or expecting a global Promise constructor. I needed a module that allowed me to inject the promise implementation I'm using. And I found it, it is called promise-denodeify, but since a few weeks it's marked as deprecated, without any recommended alternative solution, and it displays a warning during npm installs when you depend on it, which makes people freak out.

I already tweeted a really simple denodeify implementation, leveraging ES6 arrow functions, and I like it in its brevity. I'm now publishing it as a npm package.


const denodeify = require('es6-denodeify')(Promise)
const fs = require('fs')
const readFile = denodeify(fs.readFile)

readFile('package.json', 'utf8').then(console.log)

If you have a global Promise constructor and you want es6-denodeify to use it, you can ommit the explicit Promise injection.

const denodeify = require('es6-denodeify')()