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BusTO - Libre the Turin public transport

Libre BusTO

BusTO gives you arrival times for all public transport in Turin and its outskirts. Type in the number of the bus stop and get all the information about scheduled and real arrival times of every 5T/GTT's vehicle stopping there.

  • No binary files
  • No tracking
  • No ads
  • Fairly light


First download F-Droid and then install BusTO from it:


You can clone the entire source code in your favourite GNU/Linux distribution with GNU Bazaar.

First (e.g. in Debian-based) install GNU Bazaar:

sudo apt-get install bzr

Than get the source code:

bzr branch lp:bus-torino


Simply import the source code with Android Studio.

Bug reporting

Report in Launchpad:


Push in Launchpad:


Original author's blog:


This is a Free as in Freedom project. It comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. You are welcome to redistribute it under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3+.