A fork of Laravel Valet for Ubuntu modified to work in WSL.
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Valet WSL


This is currently a test to see if valet-linux can be made to work with Windows Subsystem for Linux. I am using this package to explore what would need to be done to make valet compatabliy with the current Insiders preview build.

Known Limitations and Issues

Currently I have not been able to get Windows to talk to dnsmasq so another solution has to be found. Also, valet secure will not be seamless and will require a windows script be run after a site is secured to install the certs in Windows.

Current Goals

My current goal is to come as close to creating the valet experiance as possible on windows. I will accomplish this by modifing the valet script to be able to handle WSL problems. I am pretty sure I will not be able to remove the need to install ssl certs in windows and unless I get dnsmasq to work one day a windows dns proxy will have to be installed and configured.

Official Documentation

Documentation for Valet can be found on the Valet Linux website.

Setup Procedures

Documentation for how I setup and use this version of valet on my own system: WSL Setup Gist.


Laravel Valet is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license