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Plagiabot is a copyright violation detection bot.

Repository for Turntin-based plagiarism detection for Wikipedia. See for details.

Running the bot

The bot support standard pywikibot page generators - for most of them it check the latest revision. The bot also supports special generators to check specific edit based on the diff:

  • recentchanges (DB based)
  • recentchanges_api (api based)
  • live - recent changes using streaming or IRC

See command line help for more details

valhallasw@lisilwen:~/src/plagiabot$ python -i
Logging in...
Finding folder to upload into, with name 'Wikipedia'...
Upload test text to iThenticate...
Polling iThenticate until document has been processed... . . .
Part #14558041 has a 62% match. Getting details...
Details are available on
Sources found were:
 * I  62% 42 words at
 * I  62% 42 words at
 * I  62% 42 words at
 * I  62% 42 words at
 * I  62% 42 words at
 * I  62% 42 words at
 * I  62% 42 words at
 * I  62% 42 words at
 * I  62% 42 words at
 * I  62% 42 words at
 * I  60% 41 words at
 * I  60% 41 words at
 * I  38% 26 words at


You can query suspected diffs using the API available in:



The bot supports English, French, Portuguese and Hebrew.

For running the bot on new languages:

  1. Make sure ithenticate backend index pages in the desired language:
  2. Add relevant messages to help the bot skip reverted edits


The bot can either generate simple wiki report pages, or write to a database to be used by other tools.

See also:

Useful links: