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Mods for Eco This is a repo for mods for ECO at various stages of completeness


Each mod is contained in its own folder. To install, simply copy folder of the desired mod into the "Mods" directory of the ECO server.

Any client connecting to this server will automatically pull anything required to run the mod

Expanded Cooking (7.6)

This is a simple mod that contains additional recipes, particularly those that a based on fish. Includes higher tiers of fishmeat (equivalent to prepared meat and prime cut)

VEcoIndustry (7.6)

Work in progress and is a little more complicated, now combining what was previously Advanced Mining and Chemical Engineering Implements drill and blast mining techniques (such as stoping) for both horizontal and vertical mining. Includes items for creating explosives, as well as tools for drilling and controlling blasting. Blasting allows for multiple mineable blocks to be broken at once after some preparation. Also introduces a tool to facilitate prospecting for decent orebodies Expands the mineral processing capabilities (milling, flotation, leaching and electrowinning, to better reflect the difficulty of extracting these resources and the efficiency of modern techniques. Also addresses the pollution shortcut by using the blast furnace - some recipes no longer exist and all still produce a waste product of some description. Tailings management is largely unavoidable now, but there are ways to deal with it..... In addition, the Nitrochem (things go boom) and Chloralkali streams for the basis of the materials all processing plants need. This mod has two folders that need to be copied into the Mods directory (Chemical Engineering and Autogen), so as to overwrite vanilla recipes that were "broken" Currently should work, but requires considerable polish and addition of new objects, such as a dedicated crafting table(?)

Extra Logistics NOT FUNCTIONAL