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Printed book errata #1

17 tasks done
labra opened this issue Jan 4, 2018 · 3 comments
17 tasks done

Printed book errata #1

labra opened this issue Jan 4, 2018 · 3 comments


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@labra labra commented Jan 4, 2018

This issue collects the errata found in the printed book. Marked errata have been repaired in the HTML version.

  • Example 4.3 Query Map: Comma is lacking
  • Example 4.7 ShapeMap contains :VotingAge but should be :CanVoteAge
  • Example 4.8 Can be made more complex to show IRI and shape (add a new example)
  • Example 4.16 Accent in Automóvil
  • Example 4.17 Accent in Automóvil
  • Example 4.21 Products should be p1, p2, p3 and p4
  • Example 4.31 :p4 fails and it says it passes
  • Example 4.39 :dave fails, not passes
  • Example 4.54 In ttl. Replace :PersonInstance by :Person
  • Example 4.56 Remove dot after :User
  • Example 4.61 A comma is lacking
  • Figure 4.10 Replace underscore in shape map, change ":alice a :User" by ":alice a schema:Person" in RDF
  • Example in section 4.9.4, new version of shape maps has changed "nodeSelector" by "node" and "shapeLabel" by "shape".
  • Example 7.8 ShEx lacks a ; separating the productions
  • Example 7.12 ; lacking after sh:lessThan :loginDate
  • Page 258, 2nd example lacks a dot: :UserShape sh:ignoredProperties (schema:name schema:birthDate ) .

Changes between HTML version and printed book

  • We changed the code listings that contained examples with non-ascii characters. Words changed s/"España"/"Italy"/, s/"Jamón"/"Leche"/, s/"Automóvil"/"Auto"/, s/"Käse"/"Tomaten"/

Problems with ShEx

Example 4.19, 4.20 need to remove dot in prefixed IRI range

Problems with SHACLEX

Example 4.43 Not supported external shapes

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@DaniFdezAlvarez DaniFdezAlvarez commented Mar 28, 2018

page 47, example 3.14. Is the max cardinality properly indicated?

page 49, last sentence. Typo in "focii".

page 52, VR34 and VR36. Not really a typo, but there is a different schema to introduce the requirements compared to the rest of the cases: "it must be.." and "it should be..." instead of present simple.

page 55. Is "in a June 2014 W3C member submission" correct?

page 61, Figure 4.3. Typo in "Shape eSpression"

page 78, point 3 of the enumeration. Typo: "... all one needs to do it TO find..."

page 92, example 4.42. Not a mistake, but maybe the cardinality of :teaches in shape :Teacher should be "+" instead of "*". Otherwise, all the students would also pass as teachers.

page 94, first sentence after the examples. Remove character "".

page 98, last comment in example 4.50. Missing ":" before Student.


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@fellahst fellahst commented Apr 1, 2019

Table 5.11 in section 5.15 does not seem to describe the right non-validating properties for SHACL. I suspect it should contain sh:order, sh:group, sh:name. sh:description,sh:defaultValue


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@rjyounes rjyounes commented Jun 8, 2021

p. 45 "query Language" should be "query language"
p. 45 "SPARQL appeared in scene" should be "SPARQL appeared on the scene"
p. 48 Missing period after "using Description Templates"
p. 121 "non conforming" should be "non-conforming"
p. 123 Missing period after "SHACL-Check"
p. 125 No comma in "then, the following shapes graph"
p. 130 "must satisfy that they must have" should be "must have"
p. 153 "because if has" should be "because it has"
p. 155 "extends :User adding a new" requires comma after ":User" (2 instances)
p. 156 "If we have the following RDF data:" should be something like "Given the following RDF data, a SHACL processor returns the results shown:"
p. 158 "check that" should be "verifies that"
p. 165 The second box contains shapes again rather than the data. With respect to the first box, you may mean to point out that the object of sh:node is a shape rather than a class.
p. 165 "it may be possible" should be "it is possible"
p. 166 "raises the error" should be "raises the errors"
pp. 167-168 Examples 5.2 and 5.3: shapes are missing targets
p. 169 Example 5.46: This example would be easier to understand if you used :UserShape instead of :User for the name of the sh:NodeShape to clearly distinguish it from the class :User.
p. 179 "An advice to use sh:closed is to enumerate" should be "It is advised when using sh:closed to enumerate"

p. 130 "must be an IRI" requires following comma
p. 131 "constraint components which are" requires comma after "components"
p. 132 "the parameter sh:class that means" should be "the parameter sh:class, which mean"


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