Use kwallet-query and this script to interface KWallet with I3 or other tiling WM via dmenu
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Use kwallet-query and this script to interface KWallet with I3 or other tiling WM via dmenu.

Purpose of these scripts

This repo contains a couiple of scripts that leverage the kwallet-query tool and is mainly intended for the tiling window managers users. For instance I used these scripts with i3wm.

The first script uses kwallet-query tool and dmenu to enable quick querying of your main KDE wallet. You'll want to bind this script to a key and become able to get any of your passwords from the KDE wallet in a matter of a few keystrokes. You'll no longer need KWalletManager5. Ok, you'll still need it when managing the passwords, but you'll forget it when querying the wallet.

The second script uses zenity to prompt you for the entry name and user name, the it calls pwgen to generate a new password for you and finally it calls kwallet-query to write these values into a new kwallet entry. You'll want to bind this script to another key and become able to quickly define a new password in the clipboard when regsitering a new accound, for instance.

Before installing

Please ensure you have the kwallet-query tool present on your system and accessible on the system $PATH. This tool can be found in KDE playground/utils

kwallet-query is compatible with the KWallet from the KDE Frameworks repositories (KF5). Let me know if you'd like to have it working with the old KDE4 KWallet too.


Clone this repository somewhere on your system.

Modify the WALLET variable to let it hold your actual KDE Wallet name.

Make the kwallet-dmenu script accessible on the system $PATH. For example:

ln -s <path to kwallet-dmenu> ~/bin/
ln -s <path to kwallet-pwgen> ~/bin/

Create a shortcut for it on your system. For example, you can add this to your I3 configuration file ~/.config/i3/config :

bindsym $mod+p exec kwallet-dmenu
bindsym $mod+Shift+p exec kwallet-pwgen

Do not forget to reload the WM's configuration to get it working.


KDE Wallet is quite flexible and each user organizes passwords as he likes. This script and kwallet-query tool try not to interfere too much. A typical usage might be like this:

  • For each website or other secured access you might have, use KWallet Manager to create an entry under the Passwords/Passwords folder, in your wallet of choice. Please note kwallet-query ignores the other folders under Passwords folder, such as Maps, Binary data or Unknown
  • In the contents box enter each piece of information in per-line fashion

The kwallet-pwgen script will orgnaniser the information exactly like that. So, when registering somewhere, you'll be expected to enter user name and password. When entering the password field, just press $mod+Shift+p and enter the service name, then enter the user name you just defined then press Shift+Insert to put the password on the register form. That's it!

Later-on, when visiting the same service, use $mod+p to invoke kwallet-dmenu script. This script will call kwallet-query two times:

  • First time, it'll query all entries under the Passwords/Passwords folder, and feed dmenu with them ; you'll see dmenu displaying them and you'll be able to navigate and select one entry
  • The second time kwallet-query is asked to get the lines of text from the entry you selected during the previous step. It'll split the lines of text and once again feed them to dmenu to let you choose the one you want
  • If a selection is made, then it's copied to the clipboard. The script uses xclip by default. You can adjust it if you're using some other tool to write to the clipboard.