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Valispace Matlab Toolbox

To install the Valispace Matlab Toolbox download the file ValispaceMatlabToolbox.mlappinstall and install the toolbox via double-click. You can then activate it by clicking the Valispace Toolbox Icon in your Apps Ribbon inside Matlab.


Example usage:

% 1) Valispace Login

% 2) optional: pull all Valis for faster access or access via name

% 3a) get Vali as a struct
3a) ValispaceGetVali("MySat.Mass")

% 3b) get value
3b) ValispaceGetValue("MySat.Mass")

% 4) push value to Valispace
4) ValispacePushValue("MySat.Mass",0)

% 4b) update dataset (x values as first row and y values as second row)
4b) ValispacePushDataset("MySat.Mass", [0,1,2,3,4,5,6; 10,20,30,40,50,60,70])

% get matrix values from matrix ID
5)  ValispaceGetMatrix(217)

% push matrix values
6)  ValispacePushMatrix(217,[2,3;4,5])

% post data through REST API
7)  ValispacePost(url, data)

% get data in json format through REST API
8)  ValispaceGet(url)                       


The source files of the toolbox are in the src folder. To contribute to the toolbox, edit those files and create a new package from the ValispaceMatlabToolbox.prj file before submitting a pull request.


The current version of the Matlab toolbox is 1.3.4

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