UCS Manager library in swift
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UCSM in Swift

This repository shows an example implementation for communicating with UCS using an iOS device. This is a work in progress and nowhere near anyplace that could be considered usable let alone functionable.

The solution uses and requires the following components:

  • Swift 3.0
  • Alamofire 4.0.1
  • XCode 8.0

The idea is that it's not fully functional, but provides a good starting point for building a more complicated application that can communicate with UCS Manager and do all the cool things you've been wanting to do with a mobile device.


When you download the project, you'll need to build the pods. I've included a Podfile for you so all you should have to do is run:

pod install

and it will grab all the dependencies and go along it's merry way.

Next open up the project in Xcode by running:

open UCS.xcworkspace

You should be able to run the project and see the login screen and sign in:

Alt UCS Manager iOS Style

Clicking the sign in button will then login. You should see the token in the output log that can then be used for subsequent calls.