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English Instructions - Instrucciones en Español

Introduccion a Symfony 2, PHPday UY 2015

Esta presentación utiliza reveal.js (Requiere Node.js y Grunt.js)

Basicamente necesitas:

  1. clonar este repositorio git clone
  2. ejecutar grunt serve

La presentación estara disponible yendo a http://localhost:8000 en el navegador.

En caso de obtener algún error, consultar la sección Installation de la documentación de reveal.js

Symfony 2 Introduction, PHPday UY 2015 (in Spanish)

This presentation uses reveal.js (Requires Node.js and Grunt.js)

You basically need to:

  1. clone this repository git clone
  2. run grunt serve

The presentation will be available on http://localhost:8000 in yor browser.

If you get any error, please see the Installation section of reveal.js documentation.


The basic setup is for authoring presentations only. The full setup gives you access to all reveal.js features and plugins such as speaker notes as well as the development tasks needed to make changes to the source.

Basic setup

The core of reveal.js is very easy to install. You'll simply need to download a copy of this repository and open the index.html file directly in your browser.

  1. Download the latest version of reveal.js from

  2. Unzip and replace the example contents in index.html with your own

  3. Open index.html in a browser to view it

Full setup

Some reveal.js features, like external Markdown and speaker notes, require that presentations run from a local web server. The following instructions will set up such a server as well as all of the development tasks needed to make edits to the reveal.js source code.

  1. Install Node.js

  2. Install Grunt

  3. Clone the reveal.js repository

    $ git clone
  4. Navigate to the reveal.js folder

    $ cd reveal.js
  5. Install dependencies

    $ npm install
  6. Serve the presentation and monitor source files for changes

    $ grunt serve
  7. Open http://localhost:8000 to view your presentation

    You can change the port by using grunt serve --port 8001.


MIT licensed

Copyright (C) 2015 Hakim El Hattab,