is a PHP library to easy loading photos on the site
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transImage - is a PHP library for easy loading and transformation of photos or images on the site.

It can:
* Get image from the file and automatically normalize its size for save memory
* Automatically rotate the original image according to the Exif
* Create a copy of itself with updated by size, change self size
* Apply a watermark. Supports any watermarks corresponding interface waterMark (see code)
* Outputs to a client or save it to file system
* Add a white background, if the original image support transparency.
* Quickly create a thumbnail for preview, using a thumbnail of the Exif.
* Convert images into a string for use with dada:URI. In this case a small image can be transferred with other parameters in JSON format (using Ajax).

For more information, see the comments in the code.

Suitable for most sites which need to get a picture from the client, correctly to convert it according to the Exif, create several versions with different sizes, and perhaps put a watermark.

License BSD.