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experimental stuff: API design for Database + Webform Automation + i18n
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License: AGPL v3


  • 2 backends: native implementation and sqlalchemy-core (has many backends, connectionpool, reflection etc)
  • advantage over sqlalchemy-core:
    • one can convert command-objects into each other, useful for generating and validating webforms
    • syntax is closer to sql, e.g. select().from_(Model).where((Model.x == 2) & (Model.y ==3))
    • minimalist approach with broader focus than ORM (e.g. somecolumn.op('&')(0xff) would not work with native backend)
  • advantage over pure object databases:
    • querying more convenient due to SQL-like syntax
  • use alembic for alter table statements (based on sqlalchemy,
  • take further inspiration from RDFAlchemy (SparQL)
  • integrate searchengine, e.g. SphinxQL
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