A template for Framework7 based on Angular with pure HTML5, CSS3 and JS
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A clean and simple template for Framework7 based on AngularJS with pure HTML5, CSS3 and JS

I had created another template before (https://github.com/valnub/Framework7-Typescript-Template) but for some people this seemed to be to complicated, so I stripped off Grunt, NPM, SASS and TypeScript. The result is a pure template which only consists of html, css and javascript. No compile process, no dependecies and no typescript. Very simple. Just download, copy to localhost and open index.html.

How to use

Just watch my video screencast tutorial: http://www.timo-ernst.net/blog/2015/11/05/video-screencast-how-to-use-framework7-with-angularjs/

Live demo

Check it out here: http://www.timo-ernst.net/misc/f7-pure-angular-template-demo/