⛔️ Unmaintained and deprecated! Don't use any more! Instead check official F7 templates: http://framework7.io/templates/
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Typework 7

A template for Framework7 based on TypeScript, AngularJS, SASS and Grunt

No Maintenance Intended

Important! Read this first

This is a template for Framework7 apps built on TypeScript, SASS, Grunt and AngularJS. From my experience so far I discovered that TypeScript is really complicated and not much fun to use with F7 and Angular. Also, some people seem to struggle with the grunt compile process. So, I created a new, easier template without any fancy stuff, just plain HTML, CSS and JavaScript which I can recommend to get started for beginners: https://github.com/valnub/Framework7-Pure-Angular-Template

Also, please keep in mind that this template is horribly outdated as it was originally designed for Framework7 V1 and Angular version 1.x!


  • Framework7 v1
  • Angular 1.x

The brave ones who want to dive into the funky TypeScript fun, read on:

How to build

  1. No complicated bower or yeoman stuff. Just get from Github.

  2. Then, do npm install and then grunt compile to compile and copy everything from /src to /build. Default task for grunt is “watch” which you can use for auto-compile and -reload in the browser when you do changes in /src.


To see the result just call grunt compile and then open index.html from build folder.

Or you can check this live demo in your browser that I built on top of this template: http://timo-ernst.net/blog/2015/04/02/experiment-an-iphone-app-built-with-framework7-typescript-and-angularjs/

Get started coding

Good start points to dive into the code are:

  • For HTML: src/index.dev.html
  • For Scripts: src/ts/Typework7/init.ts
  • For Styles: src/sass

To complicated?

There is a simpler version of this template available which only uses html, css and javascript. No npm, no grunt, no TypeScript, no SASS. If you like things simple, get it here: https://github.com/valnub/Framework7-Pure-Angular-Template

Credits & Links

Happy coding :-) Let me know if you have feature requests.