Kick-off a new app with Framework7, VueJS and Webpack
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A simple template to get started with VueJS + Framework7 + Webpack.

This template only works for Vue 2.0. Older versions like Vue 1.x are not supported!


This is a project template for vue-cli.

Replace my-project with the name of your project!

$ npm install -g vue-cli
$ vue init valnub/vue-framework7-webpack-template my-project
$ cd my-project
$ npm install
$ npm run dev

What's Included

  • npm run dev: Webpack + vue-loader with proper config for source maps & hot-reload.
  • npm run build: build with HTML/CSS/JS minification.
  • Ready-to-use Framework7 plugin and example code

For detailed explanation on how things work:


If you get "undefined" in your GUI after starting the app, cd to your project folder and do this:

  1. cd node_modules/framework7-vue
  2. npm install
  3. gulp dist

More information

On my blog