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valohai-cli as API driver

⚠️ This is an advanced topic.

valohai-cli can also be used as a non-interactive "API driver" for the Valohai platform.

It supports a handful of command-line options (also available as environment variables) that let you use a pre-acquired API token and use the tool without a linked project directory.

Option Environment variable Description
--valohai-token VALOHAI_TOKEN The API authentication token
--valohai-host VALOHAI_HOST The Valohai host (only required with private installations)
--valohai-project VALOHAI_PROJECT The Valohai project UUID
--valohai-project-mode VALOHAI_PROJECT_MODE Force project mode (local/remote); optional, see below
--valohai-project-root VALOHAI_PROJECT_ROOT The project root directory; defaults to the current working directory
  • You can acquire the token from the Authentication view in the Valohai app, or get it from your local valohai-cli configuration file if you've already logged in using vh login.

  • You can get your project ID from the Valohai API (/api/v0/projects), or, again, by looking at your configuration file.

  • If you do not set VALOHAI_PROJECT_MODE, the CLI will attempt to sniff around for valohai.yaml in the project root directory. If it finds one, it assumes the project is local. See below. Otherwise the project is assumed to be remote.


  • In Local mode, the CLI will use local git history and valohai.yaml files. Ad-hoc runs are available.
  • In Remote mode, all configuration (incl. the contents of valohai.yaml files per-commit) is fetched from the Valohai server. Ad-hoc runs are not available in this mode.


$ cd $(mktemp -d)  # go to an empty directory
$ export VALOHAI_TOKEN=obviouslyfaketokenreplacethis
$ export VALOHAI_PROJECT=CAD69D74-0E9C-4F8A-A960-07C0DBE34935
$ vh exec list
    "counter": 1,
$ vh exec run Train
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