ng2 modules coordination repo
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Welcome ng2 modules coordination repository

List of modules:

ng2 modules end goal vision

IMPORTANT: All of the written above is a perfect vision of the end result; don't take it seriously from the start :)

NOTE: 90% of requirements will be solved by unified compilation of the source code, docs, gh-pages

  1. Consistency with Angular 2
    1. semver consistency (1 to 1)
    2. delivery consistency (es5 commonjs as npm, ts near to js, systemjs bundles)
    3. availability (npm, jspm)
  2. Modularity
    1. if module consists of several independent components, each component should be required independently
    2. if module includes js\html\css, it should have available versions: js, js+html, js+html+css
  3. Contributions are welcome :)
  4. Feature request, create an issue or PR to specific module
  5. Module request, create an issue or PR to this ng2-plans repo
  6. Code and style guide: should be consistent across all ng2 projects (tslint\eslint)
  7. Guidelines will be centralized in link
  8. Open source initiative:
    1. ng2-core team will have access to all ng2 projects,
    2. if needed, per module, will create teams with granted role of Team maintainer
  9. Required badges:
    1. Npm Version npm Version
    2. Npm Downloads npm downloads
    3. CI Build Status Build Status
    4. Test Coverage Test Coverage
    5. Code Quality Code Climate or Bithound bitHound Overall Score
    6. Gitter Chat Link (to Join the chat at
    7. Dependencies status production and development Dependency Status devDependency Status
    8. Sauce Test Status Sauce Test Status
    9. throughput tasks board Throughput Graph
  10. CI build should lint, unit test and run Open Sauce UI tests
  11. Only Angular 2 native code (no 3rd party dependecies except integration modules like ng2-chars, ng2-dragula,...) NOTE: could be exceptions like moment.js for datepickers, calendar
  12. Modules required to work should be in peer dependencies (like angular2, moment, es6-shim)