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React's createContext for preact

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This is an implementation of react's new context api. You can read more about it on react's documentation page. Please have in mind that preact X ships with a context implementation

This package provides the createContext factory function that can be used in order to create a context:

import { h } from "preact";
import { createContext } from "preact-context";

const Theme = createContext("dark");

The returned object contains two components: a Provider and a Consumer.

The Consumer

It can be used in order to consume the provided object:

<Theme.Consumer>{theme => <p>Selected theme: {theme}</p>}</Theme.Consumer>

Alternatively, it can also be used with a render property:

<Theme.Consumer render={theme => <p>Selected theme: {theme}</p>} />

The Provider

can be used in order to update the value of a context:

<Theme.Provider value="sunny">

will change "dark" to "sunny" and notify all it's consumers of the change.


This project has been written with typescript. The watch script will watch for changes, compile and run the tests.

$ npm i
$ npm run watch


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

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