Tools for making using mpd on OS X downright pleasant.
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Play with mpd.workflow/Contents
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Show mpd status.workflow/Contents
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MPD with Quicksilver

What is this?

Tools for making the playing of albums, organized by iTunes, using mpd on OS X downright pleasant. Well. Pleasant-ish. See my blog post about it for more background info.

This setup takes care of my main music playing needs. I can do the following in very few keystrokes:

  • Search and play albums that iTunes knows about using Quicksilver's fuzzy searching
  • Manage playback using media keys on a standard Apple keyboard
  • Get the name of the song being played


Get stuff

  • Install mpd. I recommend Homebrew.
  • Install mpc. Homebrew has it as well.
  • Install Quicksilver and the following plugins:
    • iTunes Plugin
    • Automator Plugin
  • Clone this repo or download it or whatever.
  • (Optional, but needed for media keys support) Install osxmpdkeys.
  • (Optional) Install Growl.
  • (Optional) Install LaunchRocket.

Put stuff where it goes

  • NB: I assume all destination folders in these commands exist; you may have to create them yourself.

  • From this repo's directory:

    cp -r "Play with mpd.workflow" ~/Library/Services
    cp -r "Show mpd status.workflow" "~/Library/Application Support/Quicksilver/Workflows"

    Note: The "(Growl)" versions use Growl rather than native notifications but are otherwise identical.

  • If you installed LaunchRocket, add mpd.plist (and, optionally, osxmpdkeys.plist) using its "Add .plist" button. Otherwise, also from this repo's directory:

    cp mpd.plist ~/Library/LaunchAgents
    cp osxmpdkeys.plist ~/Library/LaunchAgents
  • If you want to play individual tracks as well:

    cp "Play Track with mpd.scpt" "~/Library/Application Support/Quicksilver/Actions"
  • Edit the mpd config file mpd.conf that I included in this repo so that the music_directory entry (the first line) has a path to your iTunes music library.

  • Install mpd.conf and create its data files:

    mkdir ~/.mpd
    cp mpd.conf ~/.mpd
    cd ~/.mpd
    mkdir playlists
    touch database pid state sticker.sql

Set up Quicksilver

In the "Actions" section of the Quicksilver preferences, there should be two new actions:

  • Play with mpd
  • Play Track with mpd If not you might have to restart it or something. I don't know.

If you want, set up a new trigger: Browse Albums > Search Contents (note: Browse Albums is provided by the iTunes plugin) Hitting this trigger will do a fuzzy search on just your iTunes albums. But the default action might not be "Play with mpd" like you probably want it to. If it isn't, you can tab to the action pane and hit right-arrow to see where it is in the list. Then go back to the Preferences tab and then to Actions and change the rank of "Play with mpd" to be a lower number than everything that was ahead of it in the list. You probably don't want to set it too low, as it will come up even when you're not trying to play music and you probably don't want it too prominent then. (This is because it works on strings, not the "iTunes Genre/Artist/Album" type like you might think it should. Unfortunately doing Browse Contents on your iTunes catalog doesn't seem to work that way.)

You'll likely want another trigger: Show mpd status > Execute Workflow. Because mpd runs in the background, this will be the most convenient way to see what it's doing at any time. (Your other option is using the mpc status command in the terminal.)

You can probably do something similar for tracks if you want. I generally only play albums, so I haven't bothered.