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Sinj is a set of tools that facilitate the scripting of changes to Sitecore items.

You construct change-sets via sets of JSON objects which then get pushed to your Sitecore authoring environment. This in turn can replay the same changes to any of your applications publishing targets.

For security purposes it's assumed the handler (pushhandler.ashx) is only accessible via a pre-configured set of IP addresses.

Example operations:

  • Create a template with X fields including standard values in 'en' and 'fr-fr'
  • Upload an image to the media library
  • Query the tree to find selected items and then use these item's guids in multilist fields on other related items
  • Update a template to make specific fields shared

Performing a deployment

You would create a set of deployment scripts for a given feature. These would perform any transformation to the content you require. From a local machine (or CI box) you then push these scripts to the pushhandler via a set of command line tools. When Sinj receives these changes it communicates with the underlying Sitecore API's in order to apply the changes.

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