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Since we're merging Hiro 2 to master we need a new README that
reflects coding style changes and so on.

I've also renamed file to plain README because Markdown doesn't
seem to understand new lines and long lines are not very readable
in plain text.
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+Hiro is a framework for testing third-party JavaScript applications.
+It runs each test suite in a separate sandbox preventing global state
+leaks and conflicts.
+Stable version can be found here: The current
+*master* branch contains the source of Hiro 2, backwards incompatible
+iteration of Hiro that is scheduled to be released soon.
+Before submitting a patch please make sure that:
+ 0) You have an issue opened describing your problem or proposal.
+ 1) You use tabs for indentation.
+ 2) Your coding style looks similar to what is already in the repo.
+ 3) All JavaScript files pass JSHint check (you can run 'grunt lint'
+ to automatically lint files.
+ 4) All tests pass. To run tests open 'tests/test.html' in your
+ browser.
+ 5) Example tests behave as intended. To check that execute 'grunt run'
+ and open http://localhost:7777/ in your browser. Execute all tests
+ and you should see only three failures:
+ * BasicTests.testFailedTest
+ * Basictests.testFailedExpect
+ * FailedSuite.testSimple
+ These failures were introduced for UI demonstration purposes.
+ 6) Your commit messages look good (no one-liners please). See most
+ recent commit messages for reference.
+Anton Kovalyov
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-Hiro is a small yet powerful unit testing framework for JavaScript. It runs each test suite in a separate iframe sandbox, preventing global state leaks and conflicts.
-[More information and docs.](
-Hiro testing itself:
-![Hiro screenshot](

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