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Drakkar is a package manager for Vala.

It is a mere tool to resolve dependencies, download packages, bundle sources and resources, and generate appropriate valac flags that can be easily integrated in any build system.


Command Effect
search search for packages from providers
install install the packages described in package.json
update update the dependencies listed in package.json
flags generate valac flags
pack pack the files described in package.json
version print Drakkar's version and exit

The package specification is compatible with npm's package.json.

  "name": "view",
    "glib-2.0": ">=2.32",
    "libsoup-2.4": ">=2.50",
    "valum": "~0.2"


The install command either download and install all packages described in package.json dependencies or perform the operation on a specified package from the providers

  1. resolve dependencies using backtracking
  2. download packages from providers (git, svn, bzr, ...)
  3. extract relevant sources and copy over resources locally in the deps folder

Similarly, the update command will update dependencies up to the latest version that fullfill its predicate.


The flags command generates the appropriate valac flags (--pkg, --vapidir and --resources) suitable for any build system.

valac $(drakkar flags) src/*.vala


The pack command is a convenient way to create a bundle containing all the described resources in the package.json into a compact tarball suitable for providers distribution.


The files object is used to describe what's being included in the package.

All *.vala will be bundled in a compact VAPI format and included with a --pkg and --vapidir flag.

Resources described in *.gresource.xml files as well as the file itself will be included in the package.


Dependencies can be provided from different sources:

  • local libraries (glib-2.0, libsoup-2.4, ...)
  • git repository using a commit hash, a tag or a branch
  • GitHub repository using a username/project identifier
  • local or remote path (see GVfs-supported protocols)
  • local or remote bundle, which are simple tarballs
    "valum-framework/drakkar": "~1.0.0",
    "nemequ/vala-extra-vapis": "@master",
    "/usr/share/vala/vapis": "*"

Versions are extracted from tags following various conventions:

  • v1.0.0
  • 1.0.0

Dependencies that does not provide a package.json will be considered as a whole: all the sources will be downladed and no particular flags will be generated.