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Logic-less templates for people using GLib.


using Mustache;
using Json;

var context = new FileContext (File.new_for_path ("templates"));
var template = new Parser (new Lexer (context.read_partial ("index.html.mustache"))).template ();

var env = new Json.Node ();
env.set_object (new Json.Object ());

template.to_stream (@out, env);

Implementation Reference

This is still a work-in-progress, so here's the implementation reference:

The reference document is here:

The lexer can be implemented using GLib.Scanner as a reference. Using it directly is not really useful as it is designed to parse C-like languages.

Recursive descent can be used to parse the template:

  • submap of the environment is passed as a parameter, this way the parsing is contextualized and the function stack is used to backtrack in the environment
  • template is tokenized, analyzed and rendered in an OutputStream during the descent to maintain a low memory consumption and render very big templates efficiently

The Set Delimiter feature is a real pain. The lexer will have to memorize the tag delimiters.

Environment will hold different types:

  • string
  • function
  • environment (hash)

The function should by typed by a delegate.

libxml2 can handle HTML escaping by encoding entities:!api=libxml-2.0/Html