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;; P07 (**) Flatten a nested list structure.
;; Transform a list, possibly holding lists as elements into a `flat' list by replacing each list with its elements (recursively).
;; Example:
;; * (my-flatten '(a (b (c d) e)))
;; (A B C D E)
;; Hint: Use the predefined functions list and append.
(use srfi-1)
(define (my-flatten xs)
(if (list? xs)
(append-map my-flatten xs)
(list xs)))
(define (my-flatten tree)
(fold-right (^ (e acc)
(if (list? e)
(append (my-flatten e) acc)
(cons e acc)))
'() tree))
(use gauche.test)
(test* "" '(a b c d e) (my-flatten '(a (b (c d) e))))
(test* "" '(a b c d e f g) (my-flatten '(a (b ((((((((c))))) d))(e f (g)()()))))))
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