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40,b1,e2,8000bf00,00001f68,00001ce8,0013,00,01,02,00,Seia casts Blink.
40,b1,e2,8000bf00,00001f68,00001ce9,0022,00,01,02,00,Seia gains the effect of Blink.1
code, ??A, ??B, ??C, conversation#, line#, length, ??D, ??E, ??F, ??G
??D = always 0?
??E = always 1?
??F = 0 for echo/logon/lsmes, 1 for chat, 2 for battle/logout
??G = always 0?
log starts 100 chars in
^?1 seems to mean that the conversation is done; if it isn't there
this is a multi-line thing
ffxip expects ??G to indicate multi-line continuation, but it doesn't
maybe it does for 640x480
losing a few fights when switching parties (9-24a) - fixed by increasing stats size
having to cut-and-paste to get a proper parse - fixed by stats size
stopping stats at all 3-18a 3-31a - fixed by size
no stats at first 5-12a - mostly fixed by size
getting confused by mob names with numbers (9-27a) fixed
counter bug (1-28a) 3-31a fixed
"spell fails to take effect" 3-31a fixed
missing alliance members in summary fixed
the symmetric data gathering seems wrong to me; we are interested in
per-mob results, so all the data should be keyed off the mob.
use a dictionary within a dictionary so we don't have to mess with hard limits
Other TODO:
implement spell accuracy
maybe avg per spell for nukes, resist rate for debuffs
both for physical blue magic
sort output
handle SA/TA without WS (file under ability?)