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WWW::AdventCalendar::Magrathea is a set of templates, perl programs and shell scripts that enable one to automate the content creation of an advent calendar.

I created it to help automate the AdventPlanet Advent Calendar. I read a template of links, fetch the web page, and extract the title for use as the link's anchor text.


  1. Documentation
  • how to install and configure
  • how to run $ [pre|gen|git|pre+gen|gen+git] YEAR * pre - prepreocss the YEARS files and check thel loinks with LWP * gen - generate YEAR's configuration and pod files from templates, process the pod into HTML, etc * git - commit the geneated HTML advent cal to git and push it to the remote for post-commit deploy
  • how to modify preprocessor templates to create a new planet
  1. Package it and put it on the CPAN (Dist::Zilla)
  2. Add year relinking logic so that when we add new year to the calendar, the adjacent index.html pages are updated to link to the new year's index.html
  3. Track last-moidified times/dependencies so that we can avoid processing unmodified day-pods. - I.E. Version 2.0
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