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Text and Network Analysis with R

This is the material for the Text and Network Analysis with R course as part of the Networks in a Global World (NetGloW) conference. I will use this page to publish slides, hand-outs, data sets etc. As the title indicates, the workshop will be taught almost completely using R. If you don't use R yet, please make sure that you install R and Rstudio on your laptop.

This repository hosts the slides (html and source code). The source code for all handouts is published on my learningR page:

Session 1: Managing data and Accessing APIs from R

In this introductory session you will learn how to use R to organize and transform your data and how to obtain data by accessing public APIs such as from Twitter, facebook etc.

Session 2: Corpus and Network Analysis

This session is the main content of the workshop: analysing text and networks from R. We will look at simple corpus analysis, comparing corpora, topic modeling, analysing (social) networks, and semantic network analysis.