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ACME (Let's Encrypt) Support for Terraform
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Terraform ACME Provider

This is the repository for the Terraform ACME Provider, which one can use with Terraform to manage and generate certificates generated by an ACME CA, such as Let's Encrypt.

For general information about Terraform, visit the official website and the GitHub project page.

⚠️ NOTE: The ACME provider as of version 1.0.0 supports ACME v2 only. For ACME v1 endpoints, version 0.6.0 is required, which can be found here.

Installation Instructions

The ACME provider is currently a 3rd party plugin. See the documentation on 3rd party plugins for installation instructions, and download the latest release from the releases page.

Distributions with direct installation support

If you use Arch Linux, the terraform-provider-acme-bin package is available via the AUR and can be installed via an AUR-supported package manager such as yay. Thanks to @SamWhited for this!

Example with yay:

yay -S terraform-provider-acme-bin


Documentation can be found in the doc directory.


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