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About NoCatSplash Auth

After browsing the internet and trying to figure out how to get NoCatSplash to work and satisfy my authentication needs I wrote these PHP scripts to provide a clean base for NoCatSplash users to build off of. The amount of PHP code and HTML is minimal and can be replaced to suit your specific needs.


NoCatSplash doesn't support authentication out-of-box on DD-WRT implementations. NoCatSplash Auth allows you to add a layer of authentication. However NoCatSplash isn't designed for authentication meaning NoCatSplash Auth can be circumvented.

An intelligent user/hacker/leech could mimic the action caused by pressing the button with a webpage of their own. Although they would have to repeat this every time NoCatSplash times out on them. Besides you can always tweak the settings in your router to make up for the backdoor. I would recommend setting time-based access restrictions, lowering NoCatSplash's login timeout, and blocking ports to make your Hotspot less attractive to hackers and leeches.

If you need something with more control I would recommend looking into Chillispot, there's a bit more setup and hardware involved though. Sputnik and also come into mind if you don't mind paying for a managed service.


  • Webserver with PHP
  • Device Setup to use NoCatSplash (I.e: DD-WRT Router)


  1. Upload the files to your webserver.
  2. Modify the values in config.php in the config folder for your environment using a text editor.
  3. Add usernames and passwords to auth.php file.
  4. Configure NoCatSplash Device to use NoCatSplash Auth. See config.php script comments for suggested configuration settings.
  5. Log into your NoCatSplash Hotspot using the username 'user' and using the password 'test' (without single quotes).

Helpful Links