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Synchronization between NSX instances

This script takes input from the user to synchronize a source and destination NSX Manager with DFW rules to be specified in a section.

This version currenty imports IPSets and their values, Services, Servicegroups, Securitygroups and DFW sections (and rules) if the user agrees to importing.

DEPENDENCIES VMware.PowerCLI PowerNSX NSxObjectCapture.ps1 taken from DiagramNSX; Changed the export from user profile to the current location

OUTPUT Log file Zip XML Bundle of source NSX manager

To Do Other components to destination. Ability to input which DFW sections to synchronize (for example only management Section)

Flow: Structure: Input NSX Manager Source Input NSX Manager Destination Specify Sections Connect NSX Manager Source Export Source to XML's and zip bundle Connect NSX Manager Destination Extract source XMLs Import Source to DFW -> selection of section? -> Ask user input (Y import / N skip section) later met Param - IpSet done - SecurityGroup only import group will only import IpSet Remove temp XML’s, Source zip bundled remain saved

Interested in: - IpSetExport - SecurityGroupExport - ServiceGroupExport - ServicesExport - DfwConfigExport

ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. If you haven't tested before running this in a production, dont start whining.


Synchronizations between NSX instances



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