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Code and Designs for the Design Studio as a State Machine (Sign, Realtime Sign Status + Printer Feeds, and Scheduler)
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State Machine

Treating the Design Studio as one grand Moore Machine, exposing outputs to users and mentors.


  • Magnetic door-open sensor
  • Mentor control switch
  • Passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor (activity measurement)
  • Ultimaker Printer API
  • Google Sheets (mentor shifts)
  • for current weather


  • Raspberry Pi
    • Physical presence of the machine in the Design Studio
    • Bundles sensory inputs into a JSON and sends them to the public endpoint over a websocket
  • Public Endpoint (
    • Serves websocket requests
    • Manages logic for sign state changes using inputs
    • Notifies all connected clients with outputs (when they change, or on first connection)
    • Updates inputs when a Pi request is received
    • Defaults to serving an empty JSON when the Pi does not respond within a time period
      • Is there a better default?



    • Live Printer Feeds
    • Live Sign Status
    • Current Schedule

    • Sign as an HTTP webpage
    • Displayed on 2 monitors in the Design Studio via the Raspberry Pi
      • Fullscreen Chromium tab in Kiosk Mode
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