jQuery plugin to translate standard CSS measurements to pixel units
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Version 1.2

Copyright (c) 2011-2015 Martijn W. van der Lee Licensed under the MIT.

Measure an amount of CSS3 units in pixels, relative to a specified context if available. Based on http://www.filamentgroup.com/lab/update_jquery_plugin_for_retaining_scalable_interfaces_with_pixel_to_em_con/


  • $(<context>).px(<size>);
  • $.px(<size>);


context (optional)

The DOM tree node in which to measure. Some units like 'em' and '%' are relative to the current font size. If not specified, 'body' will be used for units that require a context.

size (optional)

A number and CSS3 unit or constant that should be measured. The number can be integer or floating point and may be preceded by a sign (-/+). The unit can be any of the following:

  • px, in, cm, mm, pt, pc (no context)
  • em, ex, rem, ch (uses context)
  • vw, vh, vm, vmin, vmax (no context)
  • vd (no context, not a CSS3 unit; hypothenuse of vw and vh)
  • thin, thick (border widths)
  • border-thin, border-medium, border-thick (alternative names for border widths)
  • % (relative to current font-size, uses context)
  • xx-small, x-small, small, medium,
  • large, x-large, xx-large (font-size names, no context)
  • initial (initial font-size)
  • smaller, larger (relative font-size names, uses context)

Both the number and unit/constant are optional; number will default to '1', unit will default to 'em'.


The measured size in pixel units. If the unit is specified but not recognized, an error will be thrown.


  • Current font-size (1em) set in , measured in pixels: $.px();
  • "thin" border-width, measured in pixels: $.px('thin');
  • "small" font-size, measured in pixels: $.px('small');
  • Pixels in 2 inches: $.px('2in');
  • Pixels in a font-size 200%: $.px('200%');
  • Font-size 200%, within context of the element with id "here": $('#here').px('200%');
  • Pixels in an inch. Within a context, but context has no influence: `$('#here').px('in');