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Catanese et al. (2016)

Code used for processing, analysis and visualization in Catanese, Carmichael & van der Meer, "Low and high gamma oscillations deviate in opposite directions from zero-phase synchrony in the limbic corticostriatal loop" (2016) Journal of Neurophysiology (preprint)

Makes extensive use of the vandermeerlab codebase; please use this release if you want to be sure you are using the same code that generated the results in the paper.

You will also need the FieldTrip toolbox; we used this commit.

Once you have checked out the above code, set up your MATLAB path as follows:

restoredefaultpath; % start with clean slate
cd('\GitHub\fieldtrip'); % remember to replace paths with yours
ft_defaults; % warning can be ignored

To obtain the data, e-mail mvdm at dartmouth dot edu to get access to the lab server. Then, to reproduce the results in the paper, run the following:

Other items:

We used MATLAB R2014b running on 64-bit Windows 7.

Wiki-based tutorials introducing the codebase architecture, and step-by-step explanations of specific analyses, are here.